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Your life doesn't happen in a studio, so why should your photos?

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The classic family portrait has a brand new haircut. There are plenty of studios where you and your children can go and sit against a white background, but outside the world is full of explorable rock pools, living room forts, laughter filled family gatherings and all of the other ordinary events that make up a full and rich life.

It's during those everyday moments that you're at your most natural, unposed and free. And of course that means at your most photogenic! It's the ultimate shoot for people convinced they've never seen a good photo of themselves... yet.


All the moments you remember from your big day (and some you didn't see)

Natural Wedding Photography

My approach to weddings is simple: apart from that magic golden hour where we slip away for a few sneaky shots, I try to leave the bride and groom alone. I do my best to fade into the background and capture all of those beautiful natural moments that unfold between you, your beloved, your family and your friends.

I've always thought that your best chance of loving a photo is if it shows the couple connecting with each other, not the photographer behind the camera. To make that happen, I'll hang back, pick the light and let you enjoy yourselves. If needed I can step in and provide a little guidance, but otherwise I just want the shot that best represents you.

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