Lifestyle Photography

Your life doesn't happen in a studio, why should your photos?

As well as the graduations, weddings, big birthdays and anniversaries life is made up of millions of little moments that expand and collapse in an endless kaleidoscope. We make wonderful memories, but we don't often have something to show. We have nothing to point to and say, "Remember when we..." when that thing you're remembering is as everyday as making pancakes on a rainy Saturday afternoon, going to a kid's rugby game, or watching your toddler take 26 rounds on the park slide. A lifestyle session is designed to capture just that. 

Pricing for a lifestyle shoot includes the session fee, and an online slideshow, with options to purchase professionally edited prints or high res digital photos, sized for social if you like. Depending on the type of shoot or event, we can also arrange a makeup artist so that you can look effortlessly chic throughout. 


Sessions are FREE (you read that right)

Web res photos start at $17

Queensberry matted prints start at $29


The wedding day comes with its own demands and stresses (and weather), but before then you'll get to be engaged. You'll have the beauty of your phenomenal love story paired with an exciting and freeing time (where you get to choose the weather of your engagement photos!). There is so much scope for fun; meeting at the scene of your first date, a waterfront walk, or just making coffee together at home. Let's capture it and help get you used to being in front of camera for your wedding day while we're at it.

Bundle of Joy

When you get home with your new baby, you might brew a coffee, hold them close, bathe them, put them to bed, and spend a few quiet moments feeling the rest of your life change; the best feeling of 'nothing will ever be the same'. The best photos during this time will usually show you getting on with the everyday tasks you've performed a hundred times, but I know this is where the magic is. When you look back, it's the ordinary that seems extraordinary.

Family Reunion

Kids and pets swirl together in an endless backyard dance, coffee brews and plans are hatched. It's not always first instinct to photograph these events, but the relaxed atmosphere always lends itself to a wonderful, natural session. The air filled with the easy laughter that only exists between family members, and the background of your treasured family home or favourite picnic spot. Either way, let's get you all in the photo, usually while you have some fun and don't notice me much.